Saturday, August 6, 2011

All hail the space marine beauty queen

Ah well. BlondeFemShep won. Inevitable! Can't say I'm not disappointed, but hey, at least we get FemShep on the box. I also really hope they don't do what I've heard some buzz about - namely, changing the character's movements to be more "feminine" a la Dragon Age 2.  Let me tell you, mincing hip-swinging Ladyhawke bugged me to no end, especially since my preferred Hawke is a greatsword-wielding tank and realistically it'd impossible to mince in heavy armor. One thing I appreciate about FemShep is that she strides around with the same no-nonsense space-taking-up swagger as DudeShep. Do not take that away from me, Bioware! I want my hard-drinking terribly-dancing gender-norm-ignoring lady space marine in a future where none of that even matters anymore! Please don't cave to the beauty police any more than you already have!

Considering that, as I mentioned, the game in the Bioware box is always vastly superior to the game ON the Bioware box, I'm thinking they'll keep FemShep's movements as is, especially with the (unsurprisingly hostile, alas) backlash against BlondeShep. But you never know. EA Marketing is a harsh mistress.

But there is an upside! And it's a selfish upside for me in particular. Because this means WIGLESS COSPLAY. Even better than Starbuck because I won't have to cut my hair and my preferred Shepard hanging-around-the-Normandy uniform has sleeves to hide my insufficiently military biceps. Oh man! I wonder if my husband's cosplay-obsessed friend would work on commission. 

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